Viewing, Downloading and Printing

You may choose to view an image in your browser in JPEG format. To enable a faster download time the images have been compressed. Compression means smaller file size but more detail is lost. These high compression JPEG's can be printed but the quality will be poor. Due to the nature of compression, any resaving of the image will also result in lower quality.

A higher quality JPEG (less compression) is also offered for download and is recommended to achieve a good quality print out from your home computer. We also recommend downloading the image to your hard drive and viewing and printing from an image editor. Again, any resaving will decrease the quality.

We recommend downloading files to your hard drive and opening in an image editor because this allows more control over the page setup than printing directly from your browser. Ensure that the orientation of the page is set to landscape and the printer is set to color before printing.

Having Problems?

If you are having problems with downloading the images to your hard disk then try opening the image in your browser by simply clicking the link as normal. Be careful when printing that the printer options are set to landscape orientation and color.

If you are using AOL you may have difficulties with the branded version of Internet Explorer which is used by default when you connect to AOL. Tip: Try using the full version of Internet Explorer or Netscape which are also provided, these seem to support the large images better.

If you are having further problems or have any comments or queries regarding the site, contact the e-mail address below.

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