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These fantastic images are available as a map view or as perspective views looking North, East or West. We also have close ups of different places of interest in the area. Developed by Robert E. Crippen (JPL) and Ross Stein (USGS) these images drape Landsat TM satellite imagery over Digital Elevation Models to show the bay as it has never been seen before. The vertical exaggeration in the oblique views is three times; the view angle is 20 degrees below the horizontal. Active faults (which slipped during the past 10,000 years) are from C.W Jennings, Fault Activity Map of California (1994). The offshore portion of the San Gregorio fault is modified after M.L. Zoback et al (Journal of Geophysical Research v.104, 1999).

Click on an image below. Close ups of various places of interest in the bay area are also available.

Historic Earthquakes

Aside from the aesthetic value of these images they can also be a valuable rescource for scientist who can use them to display earthquake information clearly. Offering 'clickable' versions of these images on the web to make geological and seismological information available to the public in a easy to understand way is a top priority for this site. You can view an example of these developments with historic earthquakes of the bay area displayed on a north view image.
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